Interschool Quiz

On Thursday two intrepid quiz teams travelled to Bishop Challoner School in Bromley to take part in the Annual Interschool Quiz.

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Great Graphics

The Prep School children were thrilled to see super new graphics appear in the Corral: a number target, hopscotch rocket and giant chess board have made a dramatic difference to this play area. Thank you very much to the PA for funding the graphics, new equipment and benches - we love them!

World Book Day

On Thursday, everybody in the Prep School came into school dressed as book characters for World Book Day

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Thank you from Nepal!

The Heartlands Children's Academy in Nepal have sent a big ‘thank you' and information on how last year's donation from the Prep School has been put to good use. The money raised by the children has been spent on various ‘Adopt-a-Project' schemes including: the development of specific study and research furniture to complement their research history; a range of sports and recreational playing materials; a selection of story books purchased after consultation with children; the purchase of two more Mac desktop computers, connected to the internet with 24 hour electricity back up. We are delighted to be supporting the HCA and will continue with two more fund-raising activities later this term. Thank you very much for your help and support with all that we are trying to do.

Informal Music Concert

On Wednesday evening students from the Prep and Senior School performed in our Informal Concert. We had over 20 students performing on a wide variety of instruments; acoustic, electric and classical guitar, drums, voice, violin, cello, trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet, oboe and piano. Everyone one performed fantastically well and contributed to a lovely warm musical evening.

Notre Journée Française

On Wednesday, we started off our special French day with a quiz in assembly. Everybody was dressed in blue, white and red - there were lots of onions, garlic, baguettes and moustaches too!

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From The Heart

Prep pupils thoroughly enjoyed making a heart shape in the Auditorium on Wednesday to send a photograph in to the First News newspaper who are celebrating their 400th edition with a special Front Cover on Valentine's Day - 14 February. The children all loved the idea and it also helped us achieve something we have wanted to do in the Prep School for a while. Mission accomplished. Thank you for your support for the British Heart Foundation-a donation is being sent to them.

Year 6 Trip to the Mosque

On Tuesday Year 6 walked to the Tunbridge Wells Mosque, where we were greeted by the Imam who is the leader of that mosque.

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Water Water Everywhere

With so much rain recently, Year 5S's assembly on ‘Water' this morning was very appropriate! The Prep School enjoyed finding out about everything to do with water, a catchy song to remember the parts of the water cycle, news bulletins about how difficult it is for some people to get access to fresh, clean water and how much of the earth's surface is covered in water. Your child should be full of water filled facts to tell you about!

Superhero Brings Literacy to Life!

Superhero Captain Grammaticus arrived on Wednesday to help author Kitty Catkins retrieve her stolen book in a fast-paced drama performance...

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