Reception in the Forest

On Wednesday, the Reception class had their fourth visit to Forest School where they finished off making their name discs by attaching pipe cleaners and string.

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Primary Maths Challenge Bonus Round

Prep School pupils Ryan and Christopher were so successful in the Primary Maths Challenge that they were invited to take the Challenge Bonus Round which took place in school on 4 February. This is a remarkable achievement as 79,000 pupils in Years 5 and 6 took part in the challenge across the country last November and only a small proportion scored highly enough to be included in the final round. The results of the bonus round will be published on the Mathematical Association website in March.


The Nursery have been looking at the lifecycle of a butterfly and  have been busy making their own butterflies by mixing primary paint colours. They painted one side of the paper and then folded the paper to make the symmetrical pattern on the other wing.

Beowulf at Beechwood

On 5 February it was Anglo Saxon Day for Years 4 and 5 - everyone dressed up as Anglo Saxon people and a lady came to tell us all about what life was like at that time.

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Centenary Celebrations

The whole school came together on Monday morning to celebrate Mass on the actual day that Beechwood Sacred Heart became a school one hundred years ago - 2nd February 1915.

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Mosque Visit

Year 6's annual visit to the Tunbridge Wells Masjid-En-Noor Mosque as part of the Prep School's studies on World Faiths this half of the term, took place on Tuesday this week. Iman Balessaria made us all very welcome, shared lots of information and explained many aspects of the Muslim faith to an interested and eager group! The Imam was very impressed with the level of questions the pupils had prepared. The photo shows Ben and Giacomo beside the electronic prayer times board.

Forest School

On Wednesday Reception children embarked on their fourth visit to Forest School. We found the trek into the forest quite slippery as there was a great deal of squishy mud to stamp through. We began our morning by looking for a tree that was the correct diameter to cut ready to make our name discs. The children took it in turns to use a bow saw to cut a small piece of branch to create a disc. They then worked together using a hand drill to create a hole in the top ready to thread their pipe cleaners through to attach to their coats. The children showed great team work by sharing the roles and supporting each other in the tasks.

Reception ended the day with free time where they discovered their den from the previous week and decided to build fires and make more furniture for the den.

Dinosaurs in the Forest!

Reception had their third visit to Forest School on Wednesday. We trekked our way down to the forest where we made a den for the dinosaurs to shelter in the rain. The children worked together to find and move long logs and branches to assemble into a den. Once we had the structure the children collected leaves and foliage to fill in all the gaps to create a warm and snug shelter. The children then created from clay their own dinosaur and used natural materials to create facial features and texture for their bodies.

Called to Action!

On Thursday, the Prep School were delighted to welcome Maureen Birkett from CAFOD, who came to spend the morning helping us to launch our activities for our Sacred Heart Goal for this year

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Forest School

On Wednesday Reception took part in Forest School at Beechwood. We began by paddocking up and trekking down to the outdoor classroom.

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