One Hundred Years old

Our school was founded in February 1915 and so we have just begun our Centenary Year. On Thursday, all our pupils joined together to form the numerals of 100 to mark this historic occasion, captured with the help of 21st Century technology in the shape of a drone. 

Happy at Heart Fest

At 6:50 am on Monday 22 September twelve Year 6 and 8 pupils travelled north to Newcastle to take part in Heart Fest 2 - the second gathering of pupils from the six Sacred Heart schools in England.

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Food Experiment!

On Wednesday, Year 1 children tasted some food, wearing blindfolds. We had to taste 5 different kinds of food and guess what food they were. I really liked the salty crisps but I didn't like the marmite! The next morning we had to smell different things and guess what they were. There were some really smelly things, the worst was the cheese, yuk! Aibhe Boles

Learning Outside

Year 4 had an exhausting but enjoyable time on Friday as they tackled assault courses, blind-fold trails and more..

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Pizza and Teeth!

The Nursery were visited by Malcolm, the Catering Manager, who then cooked pizzas ready for the children to eat for their lunch, which they all enjoyed very much.






Mr Perera, a Dentist in Tunbridge Wells, came in to talk to the children all about being a dentist. He showed them how to clean their teeth properly and all the instruments he uses to check his patients teeth.

Simply Delicious

The Prep School held their final two events of the year raising money for the Heartlands Children's Academy in Nepal last week. Since September, each class has taken it in turn to choose how they would like to support this cause. This time, Years 3 & 4 held a ‘Simply Delicious' sale which was full on ‘yummy treats' for the children to buy at break-time (raising around £100) and 2H ran a ‘Name the Bear' competition (raising £42.50). The bear was won by Elana Hurst who chose the name - Paddington.

Wildlife Trail for Beechwood Nursery

Beechwood Nursery children visited Coolings Wildlife Trail this week to see all the animals. We saw Wallabies, Woolley Pigs, Sheep, Goats and lots of birds. We had a lovely picnic lunch an a play before we returned to School very happy but very tired.

May Procession Moment

On Friday 23 May, our annual procession to honour Mary, the Mother of Jesus took place. The sweet sound of the children singing as they processed around Fountain Lawn carried around the whole school. It was a moving and prayerful occasion when the importance of Mary and all mothers was remembered.

Aquatic Attraction

Year 1 and 2 had a fantastic day out at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Hastings. We met Captain Jeremy Fantastic, a black tipped shark and two puffer fish called Scooby and Leroy. Leroy was a bit of a show off! We learnt that puffer fish can only puff up 8-10 times in their lifetime. Paul summed up the day when he said his favourite bit was "Everything".

Visit to Preston Manor

On Wednesday Year 5 enjoyed a visit to Preston Manor, near Brighton. We learnt, through role play, what it might have been like for a poor Victorian child to apply for a servant's position in a grand house. As soon as we arrived we were treated as young Victorians by the extremely strict housekeeper, Mrs Storey. We learnt a range of new skills from churning milk, making beds, washing clothes to polishing until the brass shone! A brilliant day but we were glad to return to modern times!          Lola-Belle & William