National Allocation Day

National Allocation Day is almost here and we have limited spaces available!

Our students always strive to be the best they can and their drive and enthusiasm is evident in our results, as upon leaving Reception, the majority of our children are exceeding the EYFS national curriculum.

We also ensure children gain essential life skills such as table manners, how to tie their laces and put on their hats, scarves, gloves and coats to help them become more independent. They are also taught to respect others and display kindness, generosity and helpfulness.

We truly offer an all-round education that extends beyond the classroom with our dedicated Forest School where children can participate in a variety of fascinating activities such as flora and fauna identification, caring for animals within their natural environment and making bird feeders.

Children love our 20+ acres of greenery and the diversity of our activities reflects our understanding of the fact that every child is unique. We encourage experiential learning and ensure children learn through imaginative and creative as well as guided play sessions in order to develop their confidence, curiosity of the world, communication and teamwork skills.

We ensure children embark upon a lifelong love for education, so discover something new today.

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