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Senior School Scholarships

Those students in receipt of a Scholarship are expected to play a major part in the School’s activities. All scholarships are subject to annual review.

Academic Scholarships

Applicants should be boys and girls of high academic ability, with evidence of academic interests beyond the curriculum. Candidates will be asked to sit tests in Mathematics, English and a standardised reasoning test. Prospective academic scholars will be interviewed by the Headmaster.

Art Scholarships

Candidates wanting to enter for an Art scholarship will be asked to take a drawing test and they should also bring with them their complete Art portfolio which reflects a variety of their interests and skills. Candidates will have to demonstrate a strong interest in Art above and beyond their school work and be able to discuss different genres of art and the specific work of artists. They will be interviewed by the Head of Art.

Drama Scholarships

Year 7 & Year 9 Awards – all candidates wishing to be considered for a Drama award will be asked to complete 4 assessments:

Performance: Prepare 1 monologue of their choice, learnt by heart, which should be no longer than 2 minutes. Candidates are advised to choose their monologue carefully to ensure they demonstrate a range of acting skills. The piece should be taken from a published play. Unseen piece: Candidates will be given a short unseen piece. They will have 5 minutes preparation time prior to the reading.

Interview: Candidates will have the opportunity to discuss their understanding and knowledge of the monologue, thoughts on the unseen piece and their interest in drama.

Workshop: Candidates will take part in a drama workshop and display creativity and the ability to work in a team.

Sixth Form Award – all candidates will be asked to perform two contrasting monologues, a Shakespeare and one from a published play post 1980. Both pieces should be chosen to demonstrate an advanced range of acting skills – neither piece should exceed 3 minutes. There will be an interview with the Head of Drama, focusing on the two monologues, and a discussion on the professional theatre that the candidate has seen.

Music Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded for above average musical skill and aptitude.

Year 7 & Year 9 Awards – depending upon the instrument offered, as a general rule of thumb, a minimum of grade 3 would be expected. Candidates without the specific qualifications, who can demonstrate proficiency comparable to the standard will also be given consideration.

Sixth Form Award – candidates would normally have reached at least grade 6.

Auditions: All elements of the audition are conducted by Mrs Kershaw, Head of Music. An accompanist may attend for the practical performance element. Candidates may offer up to 2 instruments, including voice.

Performance: Two contrasting pieces on the first study. Any one piece offered on a second study will be taken into consideration.

Technical requirements and Viva: Sight reading, technical skills (scales etc.), aural tests appropriate to the grade will be administered, followed by an interview where the candidate will be invited to discuss their particular interests in music. Any questions on the rudiments of music will be specifically related to the pieces performed.

Sport Scholarships

Candidates for a Sports award will have reached a high standard in their chosen sport (e.g. Club players), or show the potential to achieve this. It will be expected that they will have represented their school in one or more sports. Candidates will be asked to perform a variety of sports related skills and games. All applicants must have with them suitable clothing and footwear, including tracksuit, trainers and shin pads. They will be interviewed by Mr Rowe, Head of PE to discuss their chosen sport/s in addition to the above.