Prep Enterprise 2016

7 August 2016

Years 5 and 6 students took part in our first ever Beechwood Enterprise Project. They were given a project brief to design a product that would encourage children to choose a healthy snack or drink.

Throughout the two days students were treated to talks from our resident food expert, Mrs Hobbs, our resident product design expert Mr Walters, a local business woman who runs a colour design company, Rebecca Randall and from Mrs Smith who teaches Business in the senior school.

Students had to design and build the packaging for their product and create promotional materials and adverts. The two days were filled with students working extremely hard and using all their creativity and team work skills. The project culminated in a trade fair where students had to show off their ideas and materials to a panel of judges and each group giving a short PowerPoint presentation about their products.

We were delighted to welcome Rebecca Randall (from Rebecca Randall Colour and Design) and Francesca (from The Cake Shed, Pantiles) to join Mr Gush, Mr Lennon and Mrs Rowe on the judging panel.

We were awarding two prizes; the group award for the most enterprising and creative group which was won by “Stack A Snax” who developed a special lunch box where you have to eat the healthy food before you can peel the layer to get to the treat. They had also considered corporate social responsibility and the different food groups (to achieve a balanced diet) in their product. It was a fabulous and innovative idea.

Secondly we awarded our inaugural  Enterprise Award to two students who staff felt had made an outstanding contribution across the two days, well done to Gwyneth Thomas and James Marshall who were the recipients of this award. We are all ready looking forward to next years event.


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