Welcome to Beechwood Sixth Form

Being in the Sixth Form will be a new phase in your life and will feel different from anything you have experienced at school so far. Your relationships with your teachers will change, as you will be expected and encouraged to take more responsibility for your own learning. Your tutors will work closely with you to help you to develop both academically and as a person, to make sure you achieve your very best, and encourage you to take up a wide range of opportunities to prepare you for the future.

As part of the Sixth Form, you will have more freedom, but with the added responsibility of being a respected senior member of the school, perhaps prefect or house captain. You will have more choice of what to wear, take more control over your own time and have the use of the Sixth Form common room and its facilities. This is a time for making preparations for your life beyond school by learning to balance responsibilities and freedom.

The last two years at school are the most important in any student’s school career. Results achieved in A-level examinations determine much more than just a choice of university course. The entire direction of the rest of your life can be affected by decisions made at this crucial stage. Your final two years at school will shape your future, allowing you to fulfil your ambitions and to succeed at whatever you choose in the years to come.

Wishing you every success and good fortune,

Michael Awdry

Head of Sixth Form