Boarding Information

Boarding Life

Boarding helps boys and girls to become more independent whilst still benefiting from the care and attention of experienced, dedicated staff.


Most boarders choose to stay at Beechwood at the weekends to take advantage of school facilities and the extensive grounds. We organise a varied programme of cultural and entertaining activities to include outdoor activities, workshops in school, theatre outings and visits to places of interest. Boarders may visit friends or relatives on any weekend, with prior parental permission.


Most boarders feel that they work better at school than at home. This is helped by supervised study periods in the evenings and at weekends for students up to Year 11. Sixth Form students are supported by boarding staff to work independently and discover their own study rhythm, in preparation for University. All boarders have extensive use of the library and ICT centre. Students in Year 10-11 may use their own laptop computers, which are collected in at bedtime, whereas Sixth Formers may use their laptops at any time. Wi-Fi access is available to all boarding students.

Boarding Instagram

Regular updates of boarders’ activities are posted to Instagram for parents and students to follow (@beechwoodboarding).