Ours is a wonderfully happy setting in which your children take their first steps at school. The emphasis is very much on the children’s happiness and welfare. Here we provide details of a typical day.

A Typical Early Years Day

Doors open in the Prep School at 8.00am

Children have free play until registration at 8.25am when the session begins.

We offer timetabled sessions of PE, Music and Forest School led by specialist teachers.

A morning snack is scheduled for around 9.30am and the children are offered a variety of fruit and milk or water at this time.

The children have access to free flow throughout their sessions to enjoy time both indoors and outside in our designated Early Years play area.

Lunch is served at 12 noon and the teachers sit with the children to promote good manners and ensure that all the children eat well.

The children who attend for a morning session go home at 1.00pm and the remaining children play outside until the afternoon session begins at 1.30pm.

During the afternoon where the children are offered free play alongside adult-led activities, they enjoy another snack. Often, they learn how to be independent by making their own sandwiches!

The afternoon session officially finishes at 3.30pm but we offer story time or play time until 4.00pm when our after-school care provision begins before coming to an end at 6.00pm.