Forest School

Forest School (England) Network 2002 defines Forest School as: ‘An inspirational process that offers children, young people and adults regular opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a local woodland environment.’ Forest School has been actively promoted by practitioners over the last 15 years becoming increasingly popular and we trust that your children will enjoy the experience as much as we do.

Forest School is a unique way for our children to learn in their own environment. It helps to develop confidence, creativity and resilience. It is a learner-centred process carried out outside in all weathers encouraging children to work in teams using their imaginations and natural resources. It promotes holistic development and is suitable for all children of all capabilities.

The sessions support all areas of the child’s learning and development.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: At Forest School, the children will have the opportunity to play and work alongside their peers. Making relationships by  developing friendly behaviour, initiating conversations and working in teams. They will also learn how to manage their own behaviour by following instructions, abiding by the rules, and adapting their behaviour to new environments.

Communication and Language: Forest School promotes communication by allowing children to listen to each other during team activities. Following directions and responding to simple instructions. Gives children the opportunity to question why things happen and give explanations.

Physical Development: Forest School allows children to move freely developing their gross motor skills by climbing and jumping. Using tools develops their fine motor skills.

Literacy: Forest School allows children to reflect or listen to a stories in small groups at the end of the session. It also gives them the opportunity to give mean to the marks they make.

Mathematics: Forest School gives the children lots of opportunity to develop their maths skills, counting object, grouping and recognising shapes in the environment.

Understanding the World: Forest School gives them the opportunity to talk about things they have observed such as plants, animals and natural objects. They are also able to build camps and dens using natural resources.

Expressive Arts and Design: Forest School gives children the opportunity to engage in imaginative play and use natural resources as props to support role play. These are jus a few examples of the opportunities for learning Forest School Leaders will be able to introduce to your child to promote their development in all areas.

Forest School Testimonials