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Course Details
Biology Course Details

What kind of student would enjoy this course?

This is a course for people interested in the study of living things, who enjoy practical work and hands-on learning. The volume of facts and terminology mean that you will require a good comprehension of the English language. Students will also need to have passed higher tier GCSE Mathematics or equivalent.

What will I study?

Year 12

  • Biological molecules;
  • Cells;
  • Organisms exchange substances with their environment;
  • Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms

Year 13

  • Energy transfers in and between organisms;
  • Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments;
  • Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems;
  • The control of gene expression

The understanding and interpretation of practical work will be assessed within the written exams accounting for 15% of the total marks. Practical skills will be assessed by teachers and indicated as a pass on the certificate.

What skills will I learn?

The course focuses on developing your laboratory skills and your expertise in gathering and analysing data, evaluating experimental practice and the claims made in relation to scientific evidence. You will also be encouraged to improve as a communicator of science.

What could I do at the end of my course?

Students may go to university to take degree courses in plant, animal and medical sciences; sports science; physiotherapy; pharmacy or psychology.