Team Building Day

27 September 2017

Team Building Day

September 2017 – Year 7 & 8


Starting Secondary School can be a daunting prospect and the quicker they get to know their classmates the sooner they can form friendships. Learning to work as a team is a skill we promote here at Beechwood so on day 2 of the new term Year 7 and 8 were treated to an amazing Team Building Activity Day.  The day was jam packed with games, puzzles and experiences to enable the children to work together and have an enormous amount of fun before hitting the classroom! and they certainly seemed to enjoy themselves! Below are a few of the children’s responses to the day and how it made them feel along with some great pictures of the students
 throughout the day ………
Rory said “It was really fun and I learnt about teamwork.” 
Savanna said “It was a fun packed day, full of laughter and getting to know your class mates.” 
Jack said “I got more confident.” 
Niamh said “I learnt that if we all used everyone’s ideas we could complete the tasks quicker.”  What a great day.




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