Elite Football Programme



Welcome to Beechwood Schools Elite Football Programme!

What is the Elite Football Programme?

Our Elite Football programme is a specialised and comprehensive football training and development programme designed for aspiring young athletes, from 7 to 18 years old. This programme is specifically tailored to individuals who aspire to excel in football while also pursuing a strong academic education.

Why Join the Elite Football Programme?

We understand the dreams and aspirations of young athletes and footballers and have designed a programme that seamlessly integrates academics and football excellence. Here’s why our programme is the best choice for you:

  1. Our focus is firmly placed on nurturing the potential of each student. We limit the number of places available to maintain a highly personalised approach, ensuring that every student receives the support necessary to reach their full potential.
  2. The Elite Football Programme has a remarkable history of success, with students achieving success in professional football, attending the best universities, attaining US college scholarships and other exciting post school pathways.
  3. We offer a bespoke, integrated timetable that strikes the right balance between football and academics.
  4. Experience cutting-edge facilities and technologies, including outstanding support in sport science and performance analysis.
  5. Our programme offers exposure to professional football by establishing links with the best regional clubs and professional academies, providing students with the best opportunity for development.
  6. We offer full-time, weekly and flexi boarding, providing students with a safe and supportive home away from home, allowing students can fully immerse themselves in their football and academic journey.
  7. Beyond football, our programme provides students with the opportunity to explore various career avenues within the sports industry, such as coaching, scouting, physiotherapy, sports psychology and more.

How do we monitor player development?

We employ innovative methods to track player progress:

  • Our online player hub provides real-time data on a player’s development.
  • Individual Development Plans (IDPs) set termly targets for technical, tactical, psychological, and biopsychosocial development.
  • Our partnership with Playermaker offers real-time physical and technical data.
  • Regular fitness tests ensure ongoing monitoring, and termly parent meetings to help set personal goals.

To find out more about our Elite Football Programme and to book a tour of the school, please fill out our form below and a member of our Admissions Team will be in contact with you shortly.

For more information and a guided tour, please contact us:

Phone: +44 1892 532 747
Email: g.thurstans@beechwood.org.uk


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