Extended Project Qualification Presentations

21 November 2017

Extended Project Qualification

Year 13 presenting their A Level work

On Friday 3rd November, the six Year 13 EPQ (extended Project Qualification) students presented their projects to the students in Years11-13, their parents and the school Governors.

The students have been working on their projects since January, and their projects are near completion. They have written their own aims and titles based on their interests and strengths. Each of them has developed skills they were not anticipating at the outset, overcome challenges, critically analysed a number of sources and reflected on their progress and decision making throughout.

The presentation is the third part of their EPQ qualification, which will be submitted at the end of term. It is worth 50% of an A Level, and can be very beneficial when applying to University; some of the students have already received University offers, in which the entry requirements have been lowered because of their EPQ.

All six presentations were well prepared and presented in a mature and professional manner. The students enjoyed sharing their findings and discussing the processes of the qualification, supported by their interested and supportive audience members.

The presentations were:

Amelia Smith: Is English more of a Romantic or Germanic Language?

Freya Cook: How does Birth Order and Upbringing Affect Personality?

Zoë Norman: To what extent was Religion Impacted during the Communist Regime in Albania?

Birgit Göbel: To what extent is Propaganda Still Relevant in Times of Peace?

Elise Burridge: Do the Teachings of Shintoism and Buddhism still Apply to Modern Japanese Living?

Siobhán O’Higgins: The Development of a Website to Raise the Awareness on Type 1 Diabetes








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