Years One and Two

In Pre-Prep (Years 1 and 2) the children are taught primarily by their Form Teachers and they build a close relationship with them. They have specialist teachers for subjects such as PE, Music, French and RE.

At Beechwood, we have time to expand on the National Curriculum, and provide extra subjects such as Swimming, Cookery and French. We stretch and challenge each child endeavouring to help them maximise their potential.

We also enrich the curriculum in many ways including having visiting speakers and theatre groups and outdoor learning within the school grounds. We celebrate World Book Day and have visiting authors who read their latest books to the children. We also have trips out, both locally and to London, in order to bring to life the topics we have been studying.

We aim to meet the needs of all our pupils; children who are gifted and talented are given many opportunities, both individually and as part of a group, to extend and develop their skills. Some benefit from individual programmes, others from competitions and sporting events. Clubs and activities provide an additional layer of opportunity…and fun. We have an excellent Learning Development department with staff working with the class teachers to identify specific needs as early as possible and provide suitable intervention.