Classical Civilisation

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A Level Classical Civilisation Video
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OCR A Level Classical Civilisation

What kind of student would enjoy this course?

This A-level course will appeal to a variety of students. A study of Classical Civilisation complements many other popular A-Levels including Art, Theatre Studies, History and English Language. Classics is taught using entirely English primary sources and texts. Previous study of GCSE Classics is not essential to study this at A-Level. Obtaining a grade A or B in GCSE History, English or Drama would be an indication that this subject is suitable for A-Level study.

What will I study?

All learners will study material from both Greece and Rome and their surrounding worlds, drawn from diverse time periods ranging from Archaic Greece to Imperial Rome. This material will encompass aspects of literature, visual/material culture and classical thought in their respective social, historical and cultural contexts. Learners will study a range of evidence and use this to form substantiated judgements and responses.

Unit One: The World of the Hero; Homer’s Iliad and Vergil’s Aenead (40%)

Unit Two: Culture and The Arts; The Imperial Image in the reign of Emperor Augustus (30%)

Unit Three: Beliefs and Ideas; The Politics of the Late Republic: end of the Empire and legacy of Julius Caesar (30%)

What skills will I learn?

Through the study of Classical Civilization you will improve on your written and spoken skills of analysis. Additionally, your essay writing skills will become further developed.

What could I do at the end of my course?

This discipline will enable you to study the subject at degree level. It would also help with applications for many other subjects and professions such as History, Drama, Art and Journalism.