Drama and Theatre

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Course Details
AQA A Level Drama and Theatre

What kind of student would enjoy this course?

Students who wish to pursue their interests and develop their skills in a range of practical drama elements, in particular acting and directing, would enjoy this course. There will be regular visits to the theatre in order to build a portfolio of reviews and performance analysis in preparation for both the written and practical work.

What will I study?

Component 1 – Drama and theatre

Drama and Theatre (written exam) involves: knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre; the study of two set plays; analysis and evaluation of the work of live theatre makers.

(40% of A-Level)

Component 2 – Creating original drama

Creating original drama (practical) involves: the process of creating devised drama; the performance of devised drama. The devised piece must be influenced by the work or methodologies of one prescribed practitioner. (30% of A-Level)

Component 3 – Making theatre

Making theatre (practical) involves: practical exploration and interpretation of three extracts each taken from a different play; a reflective written report analysing and evaluating theatrical interpretation of all three extracts; methodology of a prescribed practitioner must be applied to Extract 3. Extract 3 is to be performed as a final assessed piece. (30% of A-Level)

What skills will I learn?

You will learn to communicate, work collaboratively as a member of a team, debate, discuss, analyse and be creative –important skills for your future education or employment. You will develop a variety of dramatic and theatrical skills, enabling you to grow creatively and imaginatively in both devised and scripted work. You will learn to communicate meaning to an audience as well as engaging them in the dramatic work.

What could I do at the end of my course?

The requirements of the course will enable students to gain entry to courses in higher education in the area of Drama and Theatre Studies, or in other subjects at degree level, as it is perceived as both creative and academic.