Religious Studies

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OCR A Level Religious Studies

What kind of student would enjoy this course?

Someone who enjoys discussing issues, has an enquiring mind and a critical approach to the study of religion would enjoy this course. You do not need to have studied GCSE Religious Studies but it helps and you must have a good grasp of English.

What will I study?

Topics studied are:

  • Philosophy of Religion – including Ancient philosophical influences, Proofs for the existence of God, Religious Experience, Religious language and others.
  • Religion and Ethics – including Natural Law, Situation ethics, Utilitarianism, Kantian Ethics, Meta-ethics and the application of these theories to current issues like Euthanasia, Business ethics, Conscience and Sexual ethics.
  • Developments in Christian Thought – including Augustine’s teaching on Human Nature, Death and the Afterlife, The person of Jesus Christ, Christian moral principles in action, Religious pluralism, Gender and society and Liberation theology.

What skills will I learn?

You will learn to research information independently, to express your views coherently, orally and in written work and to make connections between different areas of study.

What could I do at the end of my course?

Religious Studies is regarded highly by universities as it develops many of the skills required in Higher Education, particularly for the study of subjects such as Philosophy, History, Law and Medicine.