Full STEAM ahead in Nursery

21 September 2020

This morning, Nursery welcomed our Year 5 teacher Mrs Saffer, who came in and taught the children about STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, arts and maths). The children were shown a video of a little girl on a zip wire, to which Mrs Saffer then asked the class if they’d like to make their own zip wire? The group were very excited about doing this task, but how would they be able to build their own? That’s when Mrs Saffer brought out (much to the children’s excitement), the LEGO!

Mrs Saffer began to show the children how to make their own and they all worked really hard to construct their own version. They had to find the right pieces to make a construction that had a gap in the middle. They needed to put a LEGO figure into the middle, just like the little girl on the video.

Once they had all constructed their zip wires, Mrs Saffer and the children hooked up each one and let them go, watching them whizz down the zip wire!  The children learnt that the steeper the wire was. the faster they went, which caused some surprise and excitement.

Thank you to Mrs Saffer and the children can’t wait for their next STEAM session!




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