Success for Beechwood pupils

10 December 2021

Congratulations to Luke Young Y11, Oli Bowman and Toby McAllister-Brown, both Y10, on their recent outstanding successes in their relative areas of talent!

We are very proud to have such talented pupils!

Last weekend, Luke Young travelled to Southampton for the Youth Climbing Series National finals.

He competed in bouldering on Saturday and came first and then Luke competed in lead (roped) and came 3rd overall. He was 2 points off overall first place which due to the ranking system, one move away from the overall win.

Oli Bowman’s second book publication

Oli’s second book will be available to purchase through Amazon/Kindle before Christmas. A big big thank you to Mrs Newton for editing the book as well as continuing to support and encourage Oli in the production of his second novel. Click the link below:

A Gentleman’s Heaven

The book is set in the world war and is told through the eyes of two Alsatian dogs. One owned by a Jewish family and one by a German soldier. It is called A Gentleman’s Heaven and is a heartwarming tender tale of hate, love and hope.

In recent Kart races, Toby McAllister-Brown was the fastest driver of the whole day in Cornwall, and two wins at Buckmore Park.

He now has 12 trophies, and is looking for sponsorship for upcoming charity races. Toby often gets amazing feedback/fist pumps from Race Directors, Marshalls, Drivers and Parents and he has also been asked to join a new championship when everything starts back properly in March, Club 73, which will take him all over the South East.

Additionally, Toby is also in need for sponsorship so if any of you know any companies or businesses that would be interested that would be much appreciated. He has his own official racing Instagram page racesniperofficialracing if you want to follow him.

Toby in the local newspaper


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