The Government Inspector

29 July 2016

‘A triumph!’ Exclaimed the audience as they spilled out of the Senior School’s production of Nikolai Gogol’s ‘The Government Inspector’.

Mille Smith gave an amazingly strong and convincing performance in the lead role as the Governor and Eliot Pegler was a charming and loveable rogue in the role of Ivan Khlestakov. The supporting ensemble had the audience transfixed with hilarious performances from Velvet Brown, Ellie Hartong, George Clark, Sam Andine and Francesco Tramantano to name but a few! There were some heart-string pulling moments too- the urchins singing ‘Silent Night’ had the audience reaching for their Kleenex!

Well done to the whole cast and crew and to the Beechwood drama department for putting on such a fabulous production! Na zdarovye! A triumph indeed!


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