Prep (KS2)

Prep builds on the foundations of Pre-Prep. Subjects and learning behaviours become embedded and developed at this next level.

All subjects are timetabled separately and are taught by either the Form Teacher or by subject specialists from within the Preparatory School and from the Senior School. We prepare and provide a smooth transition from Year 2 to Year 3 and then Primary to Secondary education.

Year 3 pupils are still Form based pastorally for most of their lessons so that the transition process is not a dramatic change from Year 2. At each step, the children are gradually prepared for the increasing expectations in homework and classwork and they are ready to move independently between lessons and classes in Years 5 and 6.

For pupils aiming to take 11+ Grammar School entrance tests, the Year 5 curriculum prepares them well. In addition, this is supported by special activities such as Brain-Training, Presentation-Skills and Thinking Club. The Prep School has an excellent track record of success at 11+ and that is one of the options for pupils preparing for their secondary transfer at age 11.

An enrichment programme of outings, theme days, visiting experts and an outdoor education programme enhance the learning experience of our pupils by bringing variety and depth to the curriculum.