Fine Art

Introductory Comment from Mr. Hatter
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Fine Art H601

What kind of student would enjoy this course?

This course in Fine Art would appeal to someone who is creative yet sensitive; someone who is dedicated, spontaneous and imaginative and capable of independent learning. GCSE Art is not essential, but students will need to have enough basic skill and understanding to benefit and gain enjoyment from the course.

What will I study?

Tailor-made projects will enable you to develop your existing talents and expand upon your skill. You will study in detail the artists who influence your work.


Personal Investigation: You will submit one major project that has a personal significance.

The investigation includes a related personal study that must be between 1000 and 3000 words.

Controlled Assignment: After planning and preparation, you will have 15 hours to realise your ideas.

What skills will I learn?

Art provides opportunity for personal expression, encourages imagination and sensitivity and perceptual thought. You will increase your powers of observation, your analytical ability and your practical skills especially drawing, painting, photography and art history.

What could I do at the end of my course?

You could take a one-year foundation course at Art College before applying for a degree course. The study of Art also gives you transferable skills useful in advertising, marketing, architecture, publishing and the media; whichever path you choose, studying Art can be a very rewarding beginning.