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Course Details
Course Details
Edexcel A Level Music
Music Course Summary

What kind of student would enjoy this course?

The Advanced level music course is a good choice for any student interested in performing, creating or listening to music of any style or period. If you already learn an instrument and have reached Grade 5 standard, you can put your skills to good use as part of this course. The new specification covers a wide range of styles, from classical and jazz to musical theatre and popular music.

What will I study?

The course focuses on three main elements: Understanding music through listening and analysing, performing in any style, including improvising and studio techniques and creating music, through composition and set exercises in various styles. Composition and Performing are submitted as course work and controlled assessment; any style of music is acceptable.

What skills will I learn?

You will continue to develop your skills as a performer and have opportunities to play or sing in public concerts organised in School. You will learn about the fundamentals of composition and have the opportunities to improve your abilities with the use of our software: Sibelius 7.5 and Cubase 10 in our Music Tech area in the Music Department.. Through a study of basic harmony and analysis you will study a group of pieces set by the board covering a very wide range of styles and genres

What could I do at the end of my course?

Music A-Level is an excellent preparation for music at college or university. Not only that, a Music A-Level is widely acknowledged as an excellent qualification for entry into other subjects at degree level, as it combines academic rigour with creativity and a practical approach to performance. This combination of abilities says a lot about you to anyone interviewing for a university place or career in the arts.